The distinguished ministers shown on this page are some of the most renowned preachers and teachers in the world today. Many are recognized throughout the entire world, but all of them are famous in heaven. It has been the privilege of Life Christian University to recognize their published works, along with their lifetime ministry achievements in consideration for earned degrees from LCU. The Doctor of Ministry, the Doctor of Missiology, the Doctor of Theology and the Doctor of Philosophy are all earned degrees, recognized for the highest level of academics and spirituality. LCU is honored to be associated with God's greatest ministry gifts given to the Body of Christ today.

Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and in teaching. (1 Timothy 5:17 ASV)

Kenneth Copeland
Dr. Kenneth Copeland
Ph.D. in Theology
Gloria Copeland
Dr. Gloria Copeland
D. Min. in Theology
Benny Hinn
Dr. Benny Hinn
Ph.D. in Theology
Joyce Meyer
Dr. Joyce Meyer
Ph.D. in Theology
Rodney Howard-Brown
Dr. Rodney Howard-Brown
Doctor of Theology
Adonica Howard-Brown
Dr. Adonica Howard-Brown
D. Min in Pastoral Theology
Rick Renner
Dr. Rick Renner
Ph.D. in Theology
Terry Law
Dr. Terry Law
Ph.D. in Theology
Terry Mize
Dr. Terry Mize
Ph.D. in Theology
Kevin McNulty
Dr. Keving McNulty
Ph.D. in Missionary Evangelism
Larry Ollison
Dr. Larry Ollison
Doctor of Theology
Loretta Ollison
Dr. Loretta Ollison
D. Min. in Theology
Dick Mills
Dr. Dick Mills
Doctor of Sacred Theology
Dennis Burke
Dr. Dennis Burke
Ph.D. in Theology
Bob Harrison
Dr. Bob Harrison
Ph.D. in Theology
Billye Brim
Dr. Billye Brim
Ph.D. in Theology